Dr. John Kaufman - Lunch Pals


Dr. John Kaufman sat down with Dr. Sharon Schuetz, editor of the Trinity Standard, to discuss the Lunch Pal program at Lansberry Elementary School. Dr. Kaufman has instituted a program that allows responsible adults to pair up with at-risk children for thirty minutes a week to encourage them and give them the attention that they may not get at home. The program allows the students an outlet to relate their desires, concerns, and fears. These adults develop relationships that they can use as a pattern for future relationships in their lives. Many of them come from single-parent families, both parents may work, or they’re one of many brothers and sisters. Dr. Kaufman stated that many Lunch pals become lifelong friends. Sometimes the Lunch Pals become sources of work or reference for work when the students graduate because of the connection they make. Anyone can be a Lunch Pals by calling the Superintendent’s office at (936) 594-3569 and apply. By passing a standard background check, adults are matched up with one of these children. If you would like to be an influence in a young child’s life, please consider this opportunity. Be positive in the future of these students.

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