Inspiration Village Annual Christmas Love Run

The Inspiration Village in Trinity invites you to join their annual Christmas Love Event on Wednesday, December 20th. Spend time with special needs adults and help to give them the joy and magic of Christmas. Santa Clause and his elves will be there to pass out gifts and holiday cheer. Volunteers will meet at Two Bucks Bar & Grill at 2140 FM 356 at 11 AM. The event is from 12 PM to 2:30 PM at the Inspiration Village.
The Inspiration Village is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a caring and nurturing home for mentally challenged adults, and to teach these individuals how to live, work, and become independent in daily tasks.
You can help the Inspiration Village by donating supplies. The organization is in need of hygiene supplies, soda, water, and food items. Cash donations are also greatly appreciated.
Please contact Connie Price at 936-594-1588 for any questions about the event, location, or how to donate. If you'd like to learn more about the organization, visit

Dr. John Kaufman - Lunch Pals


Dr. John Kaufman sat down with Dr. Sharon Schuetz, editor of the Trinity Standard, to discuss the Lunch Pal program at Lansberry Elementary School. Dr. Kaufman has instituted a program that allows responsible adults to pair up with at-risk children for thirty minutes a week to encourage them and give them the attention that they may not get at home. The program allows the students an outlet to relate their desires, concerns, and fears. These adults develop relationships that they can use as a pattern for future relationships in their lives. Many of them come from single-parent families, both parents may work, or they’re one of many brothers and sisters. Dr. Kaufman stated that many Lunch pals become lifelong friends. Sometimes the Lunch Pals become sources of work or reference for work when the students graduate because of the connection they make. Anyone can be a Lunch Pals by calling the Superintendent’s office at (936) 594-3569 and apply. By passing a standard background check, adults are matched up with one of these children. If you would like to be an influence in a young child’s life, please consider this opportunity. Be positive in the future of these students.

Watch the video explaining the program at the Trinity Standard Facebook page, or at

Another Trinity Historical Minute...

By Dan Barnes

Arguably Texas' most flood-prone river, the Trinity could also get very low in times of drought. Seeing it in the latter state, humorous Will Rogers once committed, "Don't canal it. Pave it!" Nevertheless, there have been two attempts to canalize the Trinity.

The second one was in the 1970's and was voted down largely by Harris, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties, entities that arguably stood to benefit the most from the project. Lake Livingston, the locks built into it's dam, the high bridge at Onalaska, and the proposed Tennessee Colony Lake are surviving aspects of this proposal. An earlier attempt to canalize the river took place right before World War I. It involved the use of a less ambitious series of 34 locks and dams that would flood the natural channel of the river as a waterway. Pictured above is one of the only three pictures known to exist of the lock structure near Trinity, in this case while it was under construction. Known locally just as "the Lock and Dam", it was actually designated as project structure #25 @White Rock Shoals and was located between Trinity and San Jacinto County, a short distance upstream from the confluence of White Rock Creek and the Trinity River. It is now covered by Lake Livingston.

This site was selected to provide navigable water over the rock bottom of the Trinity as far west as the next lock and dam. This was #24, a structure to be located at Inman's Switch, 13 river miles west of White Rock Shoals and somewhere beyond Riverside. Seven additional lock structures were completed upriver near Dallas, the last, #7, being located 280 river miles north of White Rock Shoals. As was done at the lock near Trinity, some of these structures even had their gates installed. When the system was completed, each lock and dam would have raised the river level an average of slightly over 11 feet. The project was scuttled in 1917, however, in a governmental SNAFU that only the people we tend to send to Washington are capable of presiding over. The only lock and damn structure now viewable in the area, its gates removed, is located slightly upstream (north) as one crosses the Trinity on Highway 7. It was designated lock #20 @ Hurricane Shoals.



A young girls dream becomes a lifelong passion



By Scott Womack

When Lisa stepped onto the stage to try out to be a Middle School Tiger Cheerleader, she never anticipated the dream would be her passion as an adult. Lisa Jones Droddy, affectionately known as Ms.   Lisa, has taken her passion for cheer and experience and turned it into a career.

Ms. Lisa spent much of her early adult life as a "stay at home mom" who volunteered at the elementary schools where her children attended. As time progressed, the local Pee Wee Football program was looking for cheer coaches to sponsor elementary school age girls to cheer at the Saturday afternoon games. Combining her love of children and cheerleading experience, Lisa accepted the challenge of becoming a cheer coach.

Being the wife of a coach in Texas usually means frequent moves to different school districts as coaching staffs change, in some cases yearly. For the Droddy Family, this was no exception. When the Droddy’s returned home, to Trinity in 2001, Ms. Lisa became the Middle School Cheer Coach. When future moves landed her in Queen City, the opportunity to become the High School Cheer Coach became available. As the wife of a coach, she knew the challenge would require much time and effort to build a cheer squad that would be the pride of the school. After three years coaching cheer in Queen City, Eric took a coaching job in Crockett, which gave Ms. Lisa the opportunity to come home, raise her family and coach cheer in the same High School where she graduated.

This is her third year coaching cheer in Trinity and for the past two years has been fortunate to be cheer coach for her oldest daughter, Jaiden, and have her husband Eric as the Head Coach and Athletic Director. Her son, Easton is on the coaching staff, her son. Kieran plays Junior High and JV Football and her youngest daughter, Teagan is the unofficial cheer mascot.

Last year the Tiger Cheerleaders placed 11th in their performance at Cheerleading Competition. This year she fully expects to be in the Top 10 and advance to the next round of competition.

Ms. Lisa is proud to be able to contribute her skills and passion to the young ladies of Trinity High School and she truly loves each of them. Her hope is to see her three youngest children graduate from Trinity High School. Although no one can predict the future, her unwavering faith in God, reminds her to follow God’s plan in all things and be cheerful and kind to all she meets.

Trinity is fortunate to have the dedication of Lisa and the Droddy Family, not only to our youth but our community.


“Liberty Over Texas” Golf Tournament was a success!

By Diane Rapp

The Republican Women of Trinity County thank the generous sponsors and the forty-eight golfers who articipated in our golf tournament on Saturday, November 4, 2017. Golfers are shown in the picture above with the group’s mascot “Miss Liberty” before the tournament kick-off.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Westwood Shores Golf Club as we welcomed enthusiastic golfers. The team led by Robert and Sue See won the tournament and each team member collected a cash prize of $100. The RWTC is grateful to event organizer Heidi Zachary for her diligent efforts to make the tournament a success. We appreciate the help of Alex, who ran the extra contests and recorded team scores on the leader board. We also thank the hardworking staff at the 19th Hole for delivering refreshments and a hamburger dinner to players. The profits earned from this event fund various community programs: gift boxes for soldiers, a flag etiquette program in schools, and scholarships for high school seniors.

National Home Care Month in Trinity County

Pictured above are County Judge Doug Page, Lynette Wright, RN, Sharon
Hunter, RN and Lauren Griffin, Administrative Assistant with Wright
Choice Home Health. Judge Page is presenting Ms. Wright, owner of
Wright Choice Home Health, with a Proclamation declaring November
as National Home Care Month in Trinity County.