New water meters could affect your water bill

By the middle of January Trinity will start installing the new Ultra Sonic Solid-State Water meters throughout the city. The state requires them for Trinity to become green compliant. By being green compliant Trinity becomes eligible for grant monies to upgrade the city water system. According to Police Chief, Steven Jones, these meters will be more sensitive to the most minute water flow and will track it. The old meters didn't register water flow from small leaks in the home, so water was wasted, and it often didn't show up on the customer's bill.

Jones asked everyone, all the city's water customers, to understand that a dripping faucet, toilet bowl flappers that don't seal off, and other minor leaks that may not show up now will record as water usage. These leaks can add from $10 or more to future water bills if anyone has any of these water leaks. Now is the time to repair them before the new water meters go online.