Special Needs Students Visit Trinity Fire Department

By Scott Womack

The Special Needs Students from Lansberry Elementary stopped by the Trinity Volunteer Fire Department to take a tour of the department, look at the fire trucks and even play firefighter by spraying water. While visiting, the students got a firsthand look at the firetrucks and the equipment that is used to fight a fire and perform rescue operations.

Firefighter Richard Harrelson donned all the firefighting gear that is used in structural firefighting to show the students what firefighters look like when in full gear. This practice hopefully will eliminate fear in the children if they are ever in a situation where they encounter a firefighter.

Over the past decades, the Trinity Volunteer Fire Department has participated in Fire Awareness Month in October by visiting the Trinity Head Start, Lansberry Elementary School and, on occasion, the local day care centers. The special needs students got a special treat by being in a small group at the fire station with a slower paced one-on-one atmosphere. Trinity Firefighters included: Allen Ramsey, Richard Harrelson, Scott Womack and Truman Withers. The students got a special treat when Trinity Police Officer Donald “Big Sexy” Givens stopped by and explained to the students that police officers really didn’t eat donuts and they preferred salads, much to the amusement of the students.