Trinity County law enforcement busts three in drug raid

Trinity County law enforcement conducted another meth bust on February 15, at Nogales Prarie.

    The warrant was executed by Constable Reggie Olive, Sheriff Woody Wallace, and several Deputies with Trinity County Sheriff's Office, on a private residence at 303 Evie Davidson Road. Despite having been forewarned of the raid several hours beforehand, residents within the home were caught off-guard by the bust and placed into custody after materials typical of meth houses were found within the residence, including scales for weighing drugs, baggies for distribution, and more than 4 grams of methamphetamine.

 Three suspects were arrested as a result of these findings, two men and one woman;  49-year-old Edd Terill, 28-year-old Allen Gober, and 44-year-old Ginger Terrill, each charged with first-degree felony Manufacturing/Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Upon questioning, information was acquired from the apprehended suspects that the Sheriff's office claims will lead to further arrests, possibly in the Apple Springs area. "Of course they gave us up their supplier too," said Sheriff Woody Wallace in a video posted to the Trinity County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, "so we'll be getting a warrant for him."