Commissioners Court - November 28, 2017

   The Trinity County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, November 28, at 9 AM. With all commissioners in attendance County Judge Doug Page brought the meeting to order with a prayer by Rodney Langley, Groveton Church of Christ. Page led the pledge to the American and Texas flags. No one asked to speak during the open forum time period. The minutes of the regular meeting, November 14 were approved, the minutes from the special meeting, November 20 were amended to clarify the action by commissioners in declining to file for the 2015 CHGD-DR(GLO) grant opportunity, and then approved.

   No bonds were requested nor any request for pauper funerals payments. A representative from the Trinity Sheriff department in attendance said there was nothing remarkable to report.  No personnel action forms were presented.

   Jason Due, representing the Dixie League Youth Baseball spoke to commissioners regarding the facility and the progress that has been made in recent years. Due said that in 2016 they opened the fields to visiting teams and held tournaments increasing participation of boys and girls by adding softball. In 2017 they fielded teams serving more than 300 youth from Trinity County. They have been using porta-potties and that is one of the issues, the other is adding another field for expanding the number of games that can be played; They have received bids for a concrete building or a metal building for restrooms. Commissioner Neal Smith said “I am in favor of what you are trying to do, but those bids are way high”; Smith said that the county could do better to use inmate labor with supervision from the League and commissioners to improve the facility.  Commissioner Grover “Tiger” said that he has worked on fields before and suggested adding the new field. All four commissioners agreed they could help the project to expedite completion in time for spring games. Due also asked that a temporary road that has been used for reaching the property behind the fields, be closed as the county road is there and it is not safe for this temporary drive when the children are playing. Commissioners voted to close the road, with the current culvert being perhaps an issue; and to go on with the dirt work for a new field. They will meet with the Dixie League group to discuss fundraising and building the restrooms.

   Chief appraiser Gary Gallient presented a list of bids received on 19 properties in Port Adventure, six in Trinity Plantation, two in Harbor Point and one in Pinecrest Estates which have received bids to purchase. Commissioners approved all the offers.

   Commissioners received three bids for work on the roof of the Annex; only two bidders were present, and they heard and questioned them, they deferred the decision to the December 4 meeting to allow time for the third bidder to appear. County auditor Bonnie Kennedy discussed the difference between a Request for Proposal (RFP) and advertising for bids and the monetary limits of each.

   County treasurer Bob Dockens reviewed the Receipts File Listing and Specified Activity Report with commissioners; Dockens asked for approval for the approval of the longevity payroll which will be paid December 1, rather than on the regular payday December 8; commissioners approved both the report and disbursement of longevity payroll.

   Judge Page left the meeting during the recess to attend a funeral. Commissioner Worsham conducted the remainder of the meeting. County Auditor Kennedy reviewed the Personal Action Summary Report for October, Commissioner Smith said he had issues with the maintenance department hiring without the approval of the court; Kennedy said that the court approved the salary in the budget, and approves the department heads, the department heads then interview and tell the auditor who they want to hire. Smith said “the cleaning is terrible, the restrooms are awful and my office trash pails are always jammed full”, Commissioners approved the report with those reservations.

   Kennedy requested approval to purchase 30 hours of Computer Maintenance Time from CMS IP Technologies, Lufkin; these will be prepaid and if not used in the current year would roll over until needed. The court approved the purchase.

   Commissioners opened the bids for Road Material, Rock Hauling to Sonny Sailor Road and Onalaska Road for Road and Bridge Precinct 1 FEMA Project. With only two bids the commissioners selected the low bidder, Triple J James Johnson, Huntsville; whose bid averaged $2 per item per ton lower. Commissioner Smith discussed the need for these bids to be solicited in every media in Trinity County, commenting that “there are many other people, besides Groveton business’, which would appreciate the opportunity to bid on county work”.

   The court approved the county auditor to solicit department heads to serve as coordinators and find a sponsor to engage county employees in TAC Healthy County Wellness program. This effort is designed to encourage activities and learning regarding the individual health and fitness of all employees. The court will name sponsor and coordinators when they are presented at a future meeting.

   Commissioners discussed a Memorandum of Understanding between Texas A&M Rural Community Health Institute to develop a Blue Print for future medical facilities in Trinity County. They deferred a decision until the December 4 meeting.

Also deferring discussion and action on other grant-related business. With no further business, the court adjourned.