Area man, father of three, brings MMA to Trinity

By Jordan Likens

Tim Lashley, Trinity County resident and father of three, is the owner of TCOB Fitness and MMA, a local gym that offers fitness and mixed martial arts (MMA) classes to children and adults. TCOB Fitness and MMA recently relocated to a facility on East Main Street that is three times larger than its original location. 

In addition to a new location, Lashley expects to make more changes to the gym and what it has to offer to the public.

“We’re probably going to be starting an 11 a.m. class really soon and adding a bunch of new things. The best is yet to come. There’s a lot to come for this gym,” Lashley said.

Before finding success with his gym and in his own MMA fighting career, Lashley pursued many other career paths. Not only has Lashley worked as a correctional officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for 12 years, but has also worked in chemical plants and as a scaffold builder. 

Lashley was introduced to the world of MMA when two men saw potential in his strength and fighting skills.

“I started doing MMA about five years ago. I trained with Collin Cantrell and Chris Buffalo Rose at Death Row Mixed Martial Arts. They kicked my butt,” Lashley said.

Upon beginning his MMA training, Lashley began to discover what a difference his new love for fitness made.

“I believe MMA helps with your confidence level. I believe it creates a difference in your attitude. I weighed 240 pounds when I started and I have cut 165 pounds since. It teaches you proper nutrition. It teaches you what to put into your body and what not to put into your body,” Lashley said.

As his love for MMA grew, so did Lashley’s desire to start his own gym. When he opened TCOB Fitness and MMA, his intentions for the gym exceeded a simple business venture.

“We’re dedicated to Trinity, Texas. There’s so much negativity, so we wanted to bring positivity to the community,” he said.

With this goal in mind, Lashley chose to focus this positivity on the youth of Trinity.

“Our goal is to get kids off the streets and into the gym to teach them respect, discipline, and to show them a family atmosphere, so they don’t turn to drugs and violence,” Lashley said.

Lashley has seen the benefits of MMA for many of his students, including one student whose father passed away.

“He came to the gym the day of his father’s funeral crying and hugged me and told me that if his father was still alive this is where he would want him to be,” Lashley said.

TCOB Fitness and MMA appeals to more than just the youth of Trinity, however. The gym has a wide array of classes to offer for adults.

“We have a women’s fitness class and personal training,” Lashley said.

TCOB Fitness and MMA is open Monday through Friday and offers children’s classes at 5 p.m., adult classes at 6 p.m., and female group fitness classes throughout the day. TCOB Fitness and MMA can be found on Facebook. For more information about classes offered, contact 936-435-4734.

Lashley would like to thank his sponsors Mark Tatom, J&J Foundation Repair, and RNP Enterprises for their contributions to TCOB Fitness and MMA.