Trinity man writes and publishes seven books

By Jordan Likens 

John Konior, a Trinity County resident, was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Konior eventually graduated from the City College of New York and married his first wife shortly after in 1960. A year later, Konior joined the Air Force. During the four years Konior was in the Air Force, he and his wife had a child. After returning from the service, Konior went to work at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

“I worked for them for 16 years, became a Vice President, and it was during that time I took an interest in writing,” Konior said.

After discovering that he loved to write, Konior was presented an opportunity that allowed him to write about one of his biggest passions:  fishing. “I have a passion for fishing--it’s my sport. I started to write articles for a fishing magazine off Long Island. I was a freelance writer for them. It was called the Long Island Fisherman,” Konior said.
Konior retired from the Chase Manhattan Bank after 16 years of employment and decided to move to Florida. During this time, Konior’s writing career came to a halt.
In 1988, Konior found himself in Denver, where he met his second wife and began writing a fishing newsletter. The newsletter was short-lived, however, due to he and his wife moving across the country.
After living in several states, Konior and his wife moved to Trinity in 1993.“
My wife and I both really enjoy fishing and traveling a little bit. Trinity gave us an opportunity to relax though,” Konior said.
Not too long after settling down in Trinity, Konior’s wife began encouraging him to write again. This motivation convinced Konior to begin writing his first novel, “The Secret of Big Pine Key”, in Jan. 2003.“
It took the better part of three years to get published, and that was self-publishing,” Konior said.As an independent author, Konior published six books through Amazon and CreateSpace. CreateSpace is an outlet that authors can utilize to create, publish, and distribute their work on Amazon.
“CreateSpace allows authors to create books essentially for free,” Konior said.
Through his experience with independent publishing, Konior has learned many things about the publication process, one of which is how tedious the editing process can be.
“No matter what kind of perfect paper you’ve submitted, you’re going to find lots of errors. You’ll edit it a hundred times over,” Konior said.One of Konior’s many publications is “How’s it by You?”, a novel that tells the story of two mismatched fishing buddies. One thing that makes “How’s it by You?” a good read is that it is based on a true story.
“Although all of my books are fiction, there is a great amount of non-fiction involved in many of the stories. ‘How’s it by You?’ was written for my friend who is dearly departed. [He] was one of the most interesting and funniest people I’ve known,” Konior said.
Konior’s latest novel, “Mystery of Somber Bay Island”, was written as a collaboration piece with another author after Konior began experiencing issues writing a conclusion for the novel. He contributed to this novel under the pseudonym of Victor J. Knight.
“I met this gal on an authors website and she was a very accomplished author. I asked if she would not mind taking a look at it. I had some reservations about how the book ended, but she picked up from the same point I had issues with and we then collaborated to finish it,” Konior said.
After writing seven novels, Konior is not ready to give up his writing career yet. Not only does he intend to write another novel, but he predicts he might even shift genres.
“Christian writing appeals to me. It’s so rich in terms of material,” Konior said.Konior has remained active in the community of Trinity, as he is the president of the Westward Shores Anglers for Conservation club.
“We are concerned about conservation efforts, aside from just fishing,” Konior said. Konior has donated a copy of each of his novels to the local library of Trinity and also donates his novels for fundraising purposes.
To stay up to date with Konior’s work or to inquire on fundraising opportunities, he can be found on Facebook and Twitter. You can learn more about Konior and his publications at