Trinity County Constable cracks down on animal abuse

On Wednesday, March 1, Precinct 2 Constable Mark Cole found a dog in Trinity Cove, which appeared to be malnourished. Cole was at the residence to serve an eviction notice, but was unable to do so because the couple residing there, Justin Uvalle, 32, and Megan Uvalle, 28, were not home.

With the help of a neighbor, Cole gave the dog food and water and continued to give the dog food and water until Wednesday, March 8, when he officially determined the dog had been abandoned.  

Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Judge Lyle Stubbs then issued a seizure warrant to Cole so that he could retrieve the dog. Cole immediately took the dog to local veterinarian Dr. Amanda Allen for evaluation. 

The dog had to be sedated in order for its collar to be removed because it was so tight around its neck. Dr. Allen also determined the dog was malnourished.

On Thursday, March 9 the case was heard in Judge Stubbs’ court with both Constable Cole and the owners of the dog present. Judge Stubbs awarded Constable Cole possession of the dog, and the owners were taken into custody for class A misdemeanor Cruelty to Non-livestock Animals and booked into the Trinity Police Department.

“Even though law enforcement in Trinity County will preserve and protect the residents of Trinity County, law enforcement officers will also protect the wellbeing of animals when the animals are abandoned or mistreated,” Constable Cole said. 

Constable Cole told the Animal Clinic that he had been awarded the dog, and Dr. Allen gave him protein food appropriate for malnourished dogs.  Since then, Cole found a home for the dog with someone he knows personally, and believes will take excellent care of the dog. 

Please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department at (936)-642-1424 if you observe the mistreatment of an animal.