Local author publishes mystery novel

Trinity resident Barbara Chamberlin recently added “published author” to her list of accomplishments after her Murder-Mystery novel, “Double Take” hit the shelves at several book stores this month, including Barnes and Noble.

Chamberlin has a varied history, with years of experience in information technology, and much time working as a volunteer on the local Library Board of Directors, as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Trinity Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, and more. In 2015, the Trinity Chamber of Commerce even selected her as Volunteer of the Year. Though she still volunteers, after retiring, Chamberlin felt it was time to try something new.

About three years ago, Chamberlin said she woke up and just decided to write. “It was amazing because I had the very thinnest of plots outlined when it started. From that point on, it developed,” Chamberlin said. “It got deeper and deeper and deeper, and more intricate… and it became very fun to write.”

“Double Take”, Chamberlin said, is the story of a girl who gets kidnapped with many twists and turns along the way, not to mention a bit of romance. The story takes place in a small California town, but doesn’t reflect Chamberlin’s experience with small-town Trinity life. She said the culmination of many other books, stories, and her own imagination helped develop the characters, and not her personal experiences. 

Chamberlin moved to Trinity with her husband Richard Chamberlin in 2006 when she retired to be close to her family. Unfortunately, Chamberlin’s mother passed away before she was able to read “Double Take”, but most of her other family members have taken the opportunity and have given her valuable feedback.

There have been five total iterations of the book with several friends and family members who have helped out with the editing process. Chamberlin and her husband have a blended family of four children, and eight grandchildren ranging in age from five to 24 years old. Her daughter, Lisa Opie, was one of the first to read “Double Take” and offer feedback. 

“She’s always been an avid reader and she passed that on to both of [her children], so it’s gone through the generations,” Opie said. “She’s always had that love of reading, and storytelling.” 

Opie has many memories of her and her mother spending afternoons reading together, which is a pastime she’s passed on to her two girls. 

 “My girls love to read,” Opie said. “They’re always reading.”

Chamberlin’s next step is to promote her book, and possibly write another in the future. She held a book signing on Tuesday, March 21 in Livingston, TX. To keep up with Chamberlin and her work, check out her Facebook page at

Dorrance Publishing Company has “Double Take” available in hardback and paperback on their website at Additionally, it’s available on, as well as in Barnes & Noble bookstores with digital copies also available for purchase.