Trinity Memorial Hospital District enters into new management agreement

On Monday, Nov. 21, the Trinity Memorial Hospital District Board of Directors voted to enter into a Full Service Management Agreement with Endeavor Healthcare based in New Braunfels Texas.

“What that means is, this Board is going to hire, if you will, Endeavor Healthcare to come in and manage the hospital, which would mean there would be a [change of ownership] from ETMC to the District,” Board President Randy Karnes said. “We still have a little bit of negotiating to do with them, but… I think this is our best option.”

This decision was made almost exactly one month after the Board announced that the Huntsville Memorial Hospital District terminated the letter of intent they signed earlier in the year to assume management of Trinity Memorial Hospital in November 2016.

“We’ve been busy,” Karnes said. “We looked at as many options out there as we could look at.”

The contract the hospital has with ETMC expires in Aug. 2017, meaning the transition to Endeavor Healthcare will have to be complete prior to that date.

Endeavor will assist the District in transferring all operations of the hospital from ETMC to the TMHD. In addition, Endeavor will provide services in managing the hospital, emergency department and clinic, recruitment of additional providers, financial accounting and billing systems, and compliance with state and federal laws and licensing. 

“They want to get the community on board with the hospital as soon as possible, and show what we can do,” Karnes said. “They’re aggressive… they’ve got ethics.”

Endeavor specializes in small, rural hospitals and has a positive record in helping hospitals in the challenging conditions associated with healthcare today.

The Board also reported that ETMC – Trinity was recently recognized by the Texas State Office of Rural Health for their accomplishments this year, particularly being top-ranked in outcomes.

A letter of recognition was sent to the hospital by the Texas Department of Agriculture to highlight its importance to the community.

The Trinity Memorial Hospital District meets every third Monday at the ETMC Conference room at 5:30 p.m.